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The intelligent micro-electricity network.

As a component of the Georges Peri Scientific Studies Center in Vignola (near Ajaccio), the PAGLIA ORBA Platform continues the work of the MYRTE Platform.

The PAGLIA ORBA platform conducts research in association with the University of Corsica, the CNRS (National center for scientific research) and the CEA (Atomic energy commission). Their objective is to study the hybridization of different forms of energy storage and to optimize electricity distribution, produced from renewable energies, through an intelligent micro-electricity network.

An intelligent micro-electricity network is capable of producing and storing electrical energy while ensuring consumer use.

PAGLIA ORBA is a micro-network, representing approximately the size of a neighborhood, capable of supplying electricity to buildings in the given area (offices, housing) as well as to electric vehicles.

Two operating modes are being tested:

– A self-sufficient mode of producing energy, while supplementing the EDF circuit with the surplus of electricity;

– An autonomous energy mode: completely isolated from the EDF circuit, allowing self-sufficiency 24 hours a day.

By their size and their assimilation in the electricity network, the MYRTE and PAGLIA ORBA platforms, located on the University of Corsica-CNRS site, are one of the rare sites in the world, capable of studying the duo renewable energies and storage under real conditions.


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The CNRS Laboratory/University of Corsica “Environmental Sciences” (anchor project – Renewable Energies – MYRTE/PAGLIA ORBA Platforms) is a member of the International Research Association “Sinergie” (CNRS / Nanyang Technological University) Its goal is to promote Franco-Singaporean scientific cooperation in the fields of renewable energy production and storage, the creation of intelligent electricity networks, etc.


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