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Future Investment Programme (PIA) – UNITI

The UNITI (UNIversity for Transformation in Mediterranean Island Territories) Future Investment Project (PIA), led by the University of Corsica, is one of the 17 successful applicants in the second wave of the French National Research Agency’s (ANR) call for projects on the theme of “Excellence in all its forms’‘, as part of the PIA 4 programme. It has been awarded aid from the state, managed by the French National Research Agency under the France 2030 programme, with the reference ANR-22-EXES-0016.

With funding of €7.1 million (for a total cost of €15.6 million), UNITI is based on a strategy built over six years (2023-2028) and aims to strengthen the University of Corsica’s reputation regarding natural and cultural resources. The University is building on its already recognised scientific expertise and working closely with its partners to set in motion a process of transformation for Mediterranean island territories. In addition to the commitment of its institutional partners (the Collectivity of Corsica and the Corsican Education Authority) and scientific partners (the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) and the Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD)), the University of Corsica also benefits from the support of numerous stakeholders (local authorities, consular chambers, professional, cultural and associative bodies, Excellence Network of Island Territories (RETI) member universities, etc.).

The University of Corsica has set itself the goals of achieving excellence, collaboration and ultimately improving people’s quality of life through the UNITI programme. As an active interface between students, lecturers, researchers and institutional and socio-economic players, the University aims to implement a global institutional policy focused not only on its own region but also on the Mediterranean island territories.

The programme’s actions are structured around two strategic priorities, complemented by one transversal priority:

UNITI’s uniqueness is also based on the creation of a Strategic Steering Committee (SSC), made up of local and international academic, scientific, institutional and socio-economic partners, reflecting the highly inclusive nature of the project. This programme will be tested in close collaboration with these stakeholders, with a view to transferring knowledge to promote the rational and sustainable development of Mediterranean island territories, also with a view to achieving excellence, increased visibility and attractiveness to the international scientific community.

UNITI aims to synchronise all of the University of Corsica’s contractual deadlines. It thus constitutes an experimental framework that will make it possible to produce a specific contractual model in 2028-2029, coordinating the objectives and resources of all the partners and committing the University to a long-term approach in terms of education, research and transfer to the region.


On Monday 22nd May 2023, the official launch meeting of the UNITI programme took place in Corte (in the boardroom of the Desanti building), in the presence of :

  • Dominique Federici – President of the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli
  • Lise Dumasy – Head of the Excellence in Higher Education project of the Future Investment Programme wave 4 , French National Research agency
  • Jean-Philippe Agresti, Head of the Corsican Education Authority
  • Jean-François CUBELLS (representative of the President of the Corsican Executive)
  • Philippe Maroselli (representative of the Mayor of Corte)
  • Yann Froelicher, researcher and representative of CIRAD
  • Aurélie Philippe, Regional delegate of the CNRS for Provence and Corsica (via videoconference)
  • Stéphane Blanc, Director of the CNRS Ecology and Environment Institute (via videoconference)
  • Pascal Agostini, Director of the Borgo Mediterranean Training Institute (IMF Borgo) and representative of the President of the Corsican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Corse) (via videoconference)
  • André Torre, President of INRAE (via videoconference)
  • Charles-Henri MOULIN, CIRAD researcher (via videoconference)

Also in attendance were Vanina Pasqualini, Vice-President of the University of Corsica’s Research Commission, Éric Leoni, Vice-President of the University of Corsica’s Education Commission, the heads of education and research units, and the project heads within the PIA UNITI organisation.

The day was an opportunity to present the PIA UNITI project and governance in its entirety, for the respective managers to introduce their various programmes and to organise discussions with the partners on their involvement in the various initiatives. The ANR explained the implementation and monitoring procedures for the PIA UNITI project. This was then followed by a visit to the research laboratories.

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Priority 2
Priority 3

Bernard GIUDICELLI – Head of Steering and Partnerships, PIA UNITI
giudicelli_b@univ-corse.fr | Tel. : 04 95 34 82 37

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