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ALUMNI network

Experiment the academic community.

Our former students have a strong connection with the university. They regularly come back to share their experience or participate in the implementation of development actions. The proximity offered by the University of Corsica between the students and the professors is a considerable asset in the construction of this university community.

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Foundation of the University of Corsica.

Since its creation in 2010, the Foundation of the University of Corsica has always ensured to highlight the former students in its various actions. The Custruì programme thus regularly receives alumni who present their professional career to new students. On the occasion of the 30 years of the University of Corsica, the Foundation also coordinated a book that gave ample room to the testimonies of ALUMNI.

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LinkedIn, professional social network.

LinkedIn is the most developed professional social network on the internet. The University of Corsica is present through a school page gathering several thousands of former students. It contains information on their professional paths and their current position. A good way to maintain the contact between alumni and foster bridges between promotions.

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Some testimonies from former students.

Dominique SiacciDominique SIACCI

Co-Founder of GoodBarber, CampusPlex Master’s Degree in Integration of Information Systems

At the end of 2011, we launched “GoodBarber”, an online software that allows to create smartphone applications. More than 20,000 applications have been created. Our clients are mainly international. We reckon we are part of the top 3 in terms of market share! We are mainly based in Ajaccio. Most of our developers studied at the University of Corsica in computer science.

Caroline PoggiCaroline POGGI

Director Graduate of DU CREATACC, Creations and Audiovisual and Cinematographic Techniques of Corsica

Without the CREATACC diploma, I would not have realized Chiens, my first short film. I got enormously inspired by the diploma, but also by the places, the students, the meetings, and so on. This year was really decisive in my career: it was a springboard for the rest. It made me more mature in my cinema practice. It does not scare me anymore.

Alexandra FeracciAlexandra FERACCI

France and Europe multi-university champion of karate STAPS License

In competitions, we are better off than in any other university where students travel on their own and at their own expense. At the University of Corsica, I was systematically accompanied by the Director of the Sports Department and everything was taken in charge (accommodation, meals, traveling).

Lionel Dumas PeriniLionel DUMAS-PERINI

Video service provider Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

The advantage of being a student at the University of Corsica is that, without being aware of it immediately, one can get a very strong professional network. With professors as well as with other students; And within the classroom as well as during student parties! This helped me launch my company. It’s not easy at first but it’s worth it if you have a new idea. Either you think there is nothing in Corsica, or you think everything has to be created!

Céline InzainaCéline INZAINA

Head of the Statistics, Studies and Business Intelligence Department, DIRECCTE, Ajaccio Graduated from the Master’s Degree in Regional Economics – Territorial Development Engineering

Students who leave the Master of Economics of the University of Corsica are fully operational and are perfectly trained to the professions of this sector. I recently came to Corte for a moment of exchange with the students and the evolution of the curriculum makes me dream! There is much talk about innovation, business creation…

François PlaneFrançois PLANE

Professor of PE, Academy of Lille Graduate of the DU Trades of the formation specialty EPS

The living environment in Corte is perfect, far from the pollution of big cities. Everything is close, everyone knows each other and the atmosphere is very good whether it be among the students or with the inhabitants. The natural setting in the surroundings is just magical especially for the “athletes” that we are. Unique in the world !

Marc-Antoine NeriMarc-Antoine NERI

Junior Doctor in general medicine (8th year, Aix-Marseille University) First Year of Medicine

The work of the partner universities ‘professors (Nice, Marseille, Paris 5 and Paris 7) and our “local” professors allows us to have very good lessons and to suffer no gap when we attend 2nd year lessons in another university. I do not see where is the interest for a Corsican student to do the PACES outside Corte today. That would be an additional difficulty.

Serena GuaitellaSerena GUAITELLA

Director of the Ponte-Novu school Graduate of the Master’s Degree in Education and bilingual teaching

My studies at the University of Corsica gave me the necessary bases to understand my profession in the best conditions. The different courses of the Corsican language have strengthened my desire to become a bilingual teacher, in order to contribute to my modest level in safeguarding and spreading our language.

Guillaume ScartabelliGuillaume SCARTABELLI

Adviser in management and promotion of forage areas, Chamber of Agriculture of Northern Corsica Graduate of the Master Ecological Engineering

I have had the opportunity to attend professionalizing and recognized courses of good quality, in which we have benefited from interventions from outside professionals. We have had the opportunity to work on concrete projects, applied to the region, which allowed us to understand the island context, but also the good methods of project management.