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A lively university!

In order to contribute to the personal development of its students, the Università di Corsica proposes a sports and cultural offer of great diversity after lessons : concerts, plays, sports events, shows, etc. Personal or associative initiatives are encouraged and can be financed by the university; they are seen as a real competence, valorised in the university career of the student.

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Photo de promo réalisée à l'occasion des animations de rentrée "Allegria"


There is always something happening at the University of Corsica! At the beginning of the university year, with “Allegria”, the University of Corsica organises a moment of integration aimed at new students. Real moments of exchange and conviviality, these days are the occasion to discover the activities and services offered by the university in another way. Throughout the year, campuses liven up during the many events proposed. Our conferences and special days tackle a wide range of themes: environment, law, literature, society, geopolitics, new technologies… Get entertained and go to the screenings of student films, philo cafes, sports tournaments… During these meetings, the pluridisciplinarity of the University of Corsica is expressed in all its forms! And what about contributing in getting involved in the various competitions organised each year by the University?


Weekly activities, regular outings in the open air and exceptional events throughout the year, everything is done to encourage the students of the University of Corsica doing sports. With 40% of our students practicing a physical activity, ie around 1800 students, the University of Corsica is one of the 5 most sporting universities in France! Among the twenty weekly activities : dance, fitness, bodybuilding, football, swimming, boxing, baseball, zumba… Located between sea and mountain, the University of Corsica benefits from an exceptional playground for sporting students of all levels. Hiking, climbing, kayaking… are regularly offered on weekends.

Sortie au lac de Ninu, encadrée par le SUAPS
Chaque semaine, le Centre Culturel Universitaire propose un atelier dessin


Strongly anchored in its relation to heritages and to life in society, the University of Corsica stands as a place of visibility for culture as it is lived in Corsica, between rooting and universality. Theatre, exhibitions, concerts, debates set the rhythm of the year through several open-access and free for students appointments every week. Go to the Spaziu universitariu Natale Luciani, to find great names and young talents of the Corsican culture. The architecture of the stage of the one hundred places theatre of the University of Corsica, allows to smash the distance artist-spectator for a unique intimist experience. Throughout the year, the university library also hosts exhibitions and organises meetings in a dedicated space and in open access. 20 weekly cultural workshops, supervised by professionals, also allow students to get acquainted with various expressions: music, dance, theatre, literary writing, singing, drawing, visual arts, fashion design… Finally, various apparatuses help to support and encourage artistic expression. The group “A Pasqualina” illustrates perfectly this willingness. Formed by students of the University of Corsica, they write, compose and interpret songs which are necessarily original.

Community life.

As an essential element of academic dynamism, associations set the rhythm of campus life. More than 20 associations are thus registered at the University of Corsica, and a hub is dedicated to support their projects. At the heart of the Mariani Campus, the Casa Studientina, managed by the CROUS of Corsica, allows associations to benefit from a place where they can work, receive and exchange. Exhibitions are also regularly presented. Real sound box of associative life, Radio Nebbia Campus Corte is the radio made by the students, for the students. It proposes a varied programming that dedicates a large part to debates, associations and culture. Among the flagship programs, “U toc show” where students debate each week of the news in a free way and with an off-the-wall humour. To be listened to on radio-nebbia.fr, on the smartphone application of the Università di Corsica and on the FM 90.6 frequency in Corte. ESN Corsica, a member of the Erasmus Student Network, is for its part mobilised throughout the year to create exchanges between island students and students elsewhere in the world. About 60 nationalities are represented each year on our campuses. As many cultures to discover during the activities and evenings organized by ESN Corsica. Projects of a cultural, sports, environmental or humanitarian nature are supported by various apparatuses that allow associations to benefit from adapted support and financial assistance.

Apéro organisé avec les associations étudiantes dans le cadre d'Allegria