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Research Axes

Eight fundamental, multidisciplinary projects are labelled by the CNRS.

The scientific identity of the University of Corsica is organized around 8 structural, multi-disciplinary projects certified by the CNRS (National center for scientific research) and led within mixed laboratories. Within the framework of regional development, each project combines fundamental and practical research resulting in actual, value added realizations.

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Projet Territoires, Ressources, Acteurs

The project “Sustainable Development and Territorial Dynamics”.

This project questions the specific character of island territories in general, Mediterranean, in particular, and the constraints and liabilities of these territories as ecological and sociological systems; as well as the conditions under which their development becomes sustainable.

Three categories of exposure have thus been established and studied in order to best identify the actors ‘behaviors, as well as the ways of managing resources and spaces in a sustainable manner:

  • Natural resources, the Environment and its components
  • Sustainable Tourism in island spaces
  • Insularity and Policy(ies): Sustainability and Mutations

The goal is to help improve sustainable development policies.

“Sites, Identities, sPaces and Activities” Laboratory (CNRS / Università di Corsica)
Responsibility : Pr Marie-Antoinette MAUPERTUIS

The Project “Heritage Designation concerning Identity, and Cultures”.

This project examines the relationship between man, and his cultural and natural environment; specifically Mediterranean, as well as insular territories in general, based on Corsica’s situation, from historical, comparative and multidisciplinary perspectives.

The protocol (designation, authentication, valorization) used to examine heritage designation is applied to different markers concerning Identity and Territory in literary productions, as well as cultural and linguistic practices and knowledge that are transformed and passed on, through landscape modeled by our society.  Three axes of research have been defined as:

  • Mediterranean and Insular patterns in Literature, Language and Ideas
  • Transforming Cultural Practices and Knowledge
  • Island and Mediterranean Landscapes

“Sites, Identities, sPaces and Activities” Laboratory (CNRS / Università di Corsica)
Responsibility : Vanina MARCHI VAN CAUWELAERT (MCF)

Projet COMPA

The Project “Fields of Mathematical Frequencies and their Applications”.

This project brings together mathematical and fundamental physics research around three poles:

  • The mechanisms of continuous environments encompassing fluid mechanics and geophysical flow (study of currents…) and Acoustics (seismology…)
  • The stochastic models of intermittent series (characterization of the fire risks, the microstructure of financial markets…)
  • Fields and symmetries, the theoretical pole with themes such as quantum fields, physical gravitation, as well as functional and harmonic analysis

“Environmental Sciences” laboratory (CNRS / Università di Corsica)
Responsibility : DR CNRS Jean-François MUZY

The Project “Renewable Energy”.

The systems using renewable energy sources are the principal focus of this project.

Research develops around 3 major objectives:

  • “Improving production” by creating electrical energy from renewable sources
  • “Consuming less” by implementing energy-efficient technology in the home
  • “Anticipating energy efficiency and improving production” by studying energy resources

“Environmental Sciences” laboratory (CNRS / Università di Corsica)
Responsibility : Pr Christian CRISTOFARI

Plateformes MYRTE et PAGLIA ORBA
Projet Feux de forêt

The Project “Fires”.

The project evolves around wildfire studies.

Theoretical, digital and experimental cross-disciplinary approaches are implemented on various levels (in the lab, on small land concessions and in the natural habitat) to better understand fires, and develop decision-making tools for use in public policies (to prevent and combat wildfires).

Some of the research topics relate to modelling, fire metrology and environmental studies on ecosystems and inhabitants.

“Environmental Sciences” laboratory (CNRS / Università di Corsica)
Responsibility : MCF HDR Toussaint Barboni

The Project “Management and Water Treatment in the Mediterranean”.

This project develops a global approach to water treatment, focusing on decision-making support to enable water resource management in 4 key domains:

  • Resource awareness (surface water, underground water, sewage, recreational activities concerning lakes, rivers…) as well as marine and coastal areas (biodiversity, endemism…)
  • Risk management (the human impact levels on the environment, pollution control, risk of parasitic invasions…)
  • Legal aspects and water management (practices, efficient usage, prognosis and trend anticipation…)
  • Sustainable development and resource conservation (fishing and aquaculture)

“Environmental Sciences” laboratory (CNRS / Università di Corsica)
Responsibility : Pr Vanina PASQUALINI

Projet Gestion des Eaux en Méditerranée
Projet Ressources naturelles

The Project “Natural Resources”.

This project exists within a framework of quality, description and development of specific Mediterranean and/or insular natural vegetation. This specific approach contributes to environmental protection, as well as to the preservation of biodiversity, and helps establish sustainable development.

  • The methodological aspect: clarification and development of methods for collecting and preparing samples, as well as their analyses applied to complex natural combinations;
  • The functional aspect: defining and developing specific natural substances, in particular, plants for perfume essences, aromatic and medicinal flora, as well as those used in typical, processed foodstuffs (olive oil, citrus fruit, alcohol and liqueurs, fruit, honey).

“Environmental Sciences” laboratory (CNRS / Università di Corsica)
Responsibility : Pr Liliane BERTI

The Project “IT Simulation and Ubiquitous Systems”.

The project’s scientific aspect is based on defining a generic approach to the Modelling and Simulation (M&S) of complex systems. It associates the new data processing concepts linked to “objects that monitor” the embedded systems and the M&S that allows the clarification of the developed scheme. The technological aspect deals with applying concepts and tools of actual applications and the strong territorial stakes combining wireless sensor networks with Geographical Information Systems.

“Environmental Sciences” laboratory (CNRS / Università di Corsica)
Responsibility : Pr Jean-François SANTUCCI